[KSLA-0113~0115] Angel Beats! PERFECT Vocal Collection (Angel Beats!) (3 CD Collection)

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The ultimate official 3-CD Angel Beats! PERFECT Vocal Collection soundtrack set from Key Sounds Label. Contains all the vocal songs from Angel Beats, and includes Girls Dead Monster "Hungry Song" All your favorite artists are on here: Karuta, Lia, LiSA, Marina, Suzuyu and Aoi Tada!

Release Date
May 1, 2016
3 CD Album
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Track listings:

01.Crow Song 02.Alchemy 03.My Song 04.Last Song 05.Hot Meal (Another"Thousand Enemies") 06.Million Star 07.Hungry Song 08.God Bless You 09.Crow Song(Acoustic) 10.Alchemy(Acoustic) 11.Hot Meal(Acoustic)

01. Crow Song (Yui ver.) 02. Thousand Enemies 03. Shine Days 04. 23:50 05. Run with Wolves 06. Morning Dreamer 07. Rain Song 08. Alchemy (Yui ver.) 09. 一番の宝物 (Yui ver.) 10. Little Braver (Album ver.) 11. My Song (Yui ver.) 12. Answer Song 13. Day Game 14.Storm Song 15.Highest Life

01.My Soul,Your Beats! 02.Brave Song 03.一番の宝物(Original Version) 04.Heartily Song 05.すべての終わりの始まり 06.一番の宝物~Yui final ver.~ 07. My Soul,Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.) 08. Brave Song (Gldemo ver.)