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Gundam SEED Destiny Limited Edition 2 Keepsake Boxes + CD + 12 DVD Bundle (DVD)

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We searched the warehouse and found our last remaining stock of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny DVDs! These are the original Bandai Entertainment Region 1 DVDs brand new in their original shrinkwrap. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

There are two different bundles, one for the regular edition, and one with the keepsake collector's cases and CD soundtrack, this bundle you are looking at right now is for the LIMITED EDITION that has the 2 keepsake magnetic collector's boxes, the CD soundtrack and 12 DVDs. Please make sure you are looking at and selected the edition you want.

This will ship from different warehouses and also include the good, working versions of the incredibly rare volume 12. You might receive two or more different packages since we will ship each volume depending on which warehouse that has them is physically closest but WILL get the entire 12 DVD set when they all arrive to you.


Episodes Entire series Ep 1-50 Discs All 12 volumes
Audio English and Japanese Subtitle English
Runtime 1250 minutes Region 1 (North America)

The war has ended, and both PLANT and Earth forces have entered into an uneasy truce. Soldiers have left the battlefield, and everyone tries to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

But one boy, Shinn Asuka, is finding that incredibly hard. A coordinator who lost his entire family during the battle of Orb, he now fights with ZAFT in one of their newest machines, the Impulse Gundam. Of course, ZAFT is only developing these machines for defensive applications - or so they claim - but when a group of Federation operatives steal some of these prototype machines, the world is once again plunged towards war.

The exciting, award-winning sequel to the runaway hit series Gundam SEED begins here!

Keepsake Combo Set Contents
2 Panoramic Fold-out Keepsake Boxes to hold all 12 DVD cases
JPOP-G Music CD with tracks:
01 ignited / T.M.Revolution
03 BOKUTACHI NO YUKUE / Hitomi Takahashi
04 Wing of Words / CHEMISTRY
05 Reason / Nami Tamaki
06 I Wanna Go To A Place... / Rie fu

DVD Features
The entire series, 50 episodes on 12 DVD discs
Interactive Menus
English & Japanese Language Dialogue
English Subtitles

DVD Extras
Textless Openings
Textless Endings
Character Encyclopedia
Mecha Encyclopedia