Lumiace 2 Omega Color Change Effect Light - Glitter Type by LUMICA –

Lumiace 2 Omega Color Change Effect Light - Glitter Type by LUMICA

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The Lumiace is the #1 most popular LED concert light! With the Lumiace 2: Omega, you can select one of 24 colors! Use this item at your next concert venue! Be sure to bring spare batteries (3 "AAA"-type batteries required)

・One LED light (with batteries)

・24 color memory function
・Long battery life (estimated at 3-6 hours); for best results, replace test batteries with new batteries
・Bright LED light function

How To Operate:
Memory Function:
・The memory function allows the light to be pre-set up to 24 different colors and to display the colors in a particular sequence. To use the memory function, the following steps should be followed:
(1) Hold down both arrow-shaped buttons when the switch is off. The red color blinks (2-3 times) and then the memory mode starts.
(2) Choose the color with arrow-shaped buttons and then set the color by pushing the middle button. If there is a blink, the color has been set.
(3) Press both arrow-shaped buttons to save the color you chose. Memory mode is completed when the light is off.
(4) Memory Mode completion: Turn the light on by pressing the middle button. The light will glow with the first color tone that was pre-set. After this, you can choose from among any other colors that you had pre-set previously.

Available Colors:
→Red→White→Light Pink→Pink→Passion Pink→Violet→Blue→Pastel Blue→Emerald Green→Green→Yellow→Orange→Lime Green→Yellow Green→Light Blue→Light Green→Apple Green→Chick Yellow→Bright Yellow→Light Orange→Hot Pink→Peach→Purple→Ice Blue