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[LZM-2007] JAM Project: World Flight 2008 Best Selection (JAM Project (Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, Yoshiki Fukuyama)) (CD Album)

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JAM Project's Exclusive World Concert 2008 CD! Released for their World Tour in 2008. CD Track Listing:

01. No Border
03. GONG
04. Break Out
05. Rocks
07. Kurenai no Kiba
08. Mirai e no Houkou
09. Portal
13. Hagane no Messiah ~2006 ver.~
14. HERO

Jam Project: Created in 2000, this supergroup comprised of talented singers performs at the top of the Japanese anime song industry. The group was formed by singers who wanted to create and sing theme songs that complement the world class, progressive Japanese animation and game industry. Now, Jam Project have established themselves a unique position as leaders in the anime song genre. Their most important feature is their voices stand out from other singers in the same genre. They are pushing forward as both creators and performers. Aiming towards the concept of "better production makes better theme songs." Even during their solo performances, the individual members artistically stimulate each other causing their various individualities to become one and merge together to create a theme song that only Jam Project could make. At present, they have created close to 100 original songs. All their creations are powerful, overflowing with spirit, genuine and unforgettable theme songs. In 2008, Jam project entered a new stage. In response to overwhelming support and feedback from their Japanese concert tours, they are now planning a world tour. Overcoming geographical and cultural boundaries, they are forging ties in all countries with their anime songs. Just like the heroes in anime, they are always striving to create dreams through voice performance.

  • Exclusive 2008 World Concert Tour CD
  • Featuring various anime J-POP / J-ROCK songs