FGO Archer/Ishtar Full Graphic White T-shirt (Fate/Grand Order)

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Summon a spirit across this entire T-Shirt in full color! Perform a Grand Order! You can wear it as is, or show how chill you are by layering it under a jacket. 

Japanese sizes are slightly smaller than standard US sizes, please refer to the below for approximate conversions

 Size Length Width Sleeve
XS 59cm/23.2in 43cm/16.9in 19cm/7.5in
S 65cm/25.6in 48cm/18.9in 20cm/7.9in
M 67cm/26.4in 50cm/19.7in 20cm/7.9in
L 70cm/27.6in 53cm/20.9in 21cm/8.3in
XL 74cm/29.1in 58cm/22.8in 22cm/8.7in
XXL 79cm/31.1in 63cm/24.8in 24cm/9.4in